Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!


 Happy New Year!
A few favorite photos from Pinterest


Prints in the snow  mark the scene where a hawk caught a meadow vole 

                                                            frozen spiderweb

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Repeat Repeat at Harbourfront Centre

Lovely photos from Repeat Repeat at Harbourfront Centre

Repeat, Repeat
Harbourfront Centre
April 20 – June 16

Bande des Quatres, Colleen Baran, Anneke van Bommel, Cinelli + Maillet, Lana Filippone, Karen Konzuk, Van McKenzie, and Eric Petersen
Curated by Melanie Egan

More photos ( also by Tom Bilenkey) of Repeat, Repeat and their other current shows found in Harbourfront Centre's Spring Exhibition folder on Flickr. All extraordinary exhibitions, the photos show just enough to be both full of exciting work and an enticement to see more. I wish I could have been there in person.

This exhibition is presented by Harbourfront Centre as part of the inaugural Toronto International Jewellery Festival (TIJF) in conjunction with Meta-Mosaic, the 2013 Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG) Conference.

Multiples and repetition have been central components of design throughout the history of jewellery. In ancient times, natural elements such as shells, bones, and feathers were strung together and worn to depict status; used in religious ceremonies; and worn for protection and adornment. The great movements of western art history are littered with examples of repetition: from granulation to chain making, hammered textures to engraved patterns, and glass beads to pavé settings. This rich history continues to fuel today’s designers. Harmony and rhythm are used to create works that reflect contemporary ideas and conditions. The conventions of the past have not been abandoned, but are instead re-imagined and built upon.
In the contemporary jewellery community, one-of-a-kind work is championed as a unique form of expression, while multiples, particularly ‘production jewellery’, are often devalued. The eight designers in this exhibition do not shy away from repetition; they use elements to form the building blocks for their designs, whether those elements are ideas, related forms, motifs or gemstones. They use traditional and non-traditional materials and techniques to create works that are inspired by natural forms, architecture and pop culture.
This exhibition celebrates Canadian work that is chic and desirable, wearable and accessible and continues a conversation that connects the past to the future of contemporary jewellery.

– Melanie Egan, Head, Craft, Harbourfront Centre

Friday, May 17, 2013

Harbourfront Centre Happening: Gaze, shop, wear!

Colleen Baran, You make my heart beat faster, 2012 (from the exhibition Repeat, Repeat)

Gaze, shop, wear
at Harbourfront Centre

Friday, May 17

York Quay Centre
235 Queens Quay West
Info: 416-973-4000

Harbourfront Centre, the heart of Toronto's waterfront, welcomes you to our 10-acre lakeside site. Come view our exhibitions, eat great food from the World Café, and listen to tunes spun by local DJ Vinny Grüvhunter.

The event is part of the inaugural Toronto International Jewellery Festival in conjunction with Meta-Mosaic, the 2013 SNAG Conference.
A rare opportunity to see eight amazing exhibitions:
Repeat, Repeat (see work from my Love Letter series in this exhibition)
RE: Position
Dialogue: International Contemporary Jewellery
Family Album
Quintet: A Conversation in Design
Mobile Canada: RV exhibition
This End Up: exhibition in a container
Spark: George Brown College Graduates exhibition in the Centre Shop

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pin and Brooch at TIJF

Colleen Baran
Brooch a Day 50, 2012
Water color papers, water colour paint, thread, steel

Colleen Baran,
Lips, Blood, Skin, 2012
Acid free paper, water colour board, acrylic paint, dyed thread, sterling silver
and stainless steel

My “Brooch a Day 50” and "Lips, Blood, Skin" were selected for  TIJF’s Pin and Brooch presentation juried by Alisha Marie Boyd and Annie Tung.  It will be showing tonight at the Toronto International Jewellery Festival's (TIJF’s) Pin Ball Gala, and festival launch party, at the Gladstone in Toronto.

 “Brooch a Day 50” and "Lips, Blood, Skin" are both from my Brooch a Day mid year project in 2012, a project full of brooches made of alternative materials that often focessed on the obsessive painting, cutting and shaping of paper.   'Brooch a Day 50' was made using shades from only one colour of paint.  'Lips, Blood, Skin' was made using 17 hand mixed tonal variations based on the colour of my own lips, blood and skin.  

Photos from the Projeto Corrente/Chain Project exhibition in Brazil

Lovely photos from Projeto Corrente/Chain Project, a recent exhibition I participated in at the A CASA Museum of Object in São Paulo.    More info on Klimt02 and a fabulous wealth of additional photos from the exhibition and it's works on the museum's website.   

Photos from opening night

Close-ups of the lovely works and display.  My chain, can also be (almost) seen on the far left.
below- Blue Paper Chain, Layered watercolor paper, watercolor paint, 2012

Beautiful layout, and screens that held photos and biographies of the artists.

The curator Marina Sheetikoff

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chain Project at A Casa Museum in Brazil

My 'Blue Chain' is now showing in Chain Project at A Casa Museum in São Paulo, Brazil. The exhibition runs from February 20th to March 22nd in 2013.   Curated by Marina Sheetikoff, it includes 65 emerging and established artists from 20 different countries.

You can also see the exhibition online on Crafthaus . 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Frost Flowers found on pinterest
- a strange phenomenon where frost grows from imperfections in the surface ice amid extreme sub-zero temperatures.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

New on Etsy- Gradient Circle Ring


New on Etsy- my Gradient Circle ring. These explore my love of pattern, gradient shape and, of course, circles. A carefully orchestrated gradient of tiny to small to medium to larger circles. Like a snake eating it's tail.
Depending upon mood it can be turned around and worn with small medium or large rings on top
I've made variations of these before locally & in shops- but this is the first time I've listed them online.